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MHP Hyper Crush
MHP Hyper Crush

MHP Hyper Crush

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HYPER CRUSH absolutely delivers extreme energy, amazing pumps, more muscle power, and crushes muscle fatigue with potent levels of clinically researched ingredients.*

HYPER CRUSH hits you with a rush of energy, laser focus and surge of power followed by massive muscle pumps.* You will feel your muscles swell and skin tightening pumps with each exercise and rep as it’s anti-fatigue fighting technology allows you to train harder than ever before.*

Fatigue Fighting AKG Breakthrough*

One of the biggest culprits responsible for muscle fatigue is exercise-induced increase in ammonia concentration. HYPER CRUSH is formulated with 1.5g of α-Ketoglutarate (AKG) which has been clinically studied to reduce the accumulation of ammonia and increase training volume, maximum power output and total muscle performance.*

Calcium Lactate Optimizer

A clinically research buffering agent to optimize pH. Calcium lactate has been shown to increase blood pH and bicarbonate levels and increase time to exhaustion during high intensity workouts.*+

✓ Produces Increased Levels of Energy,

✓ Muscle Power and Pumps*

✓ Increases Exercise Output*

✓ Crushes Fatigue*